Mos 11 – Interesting shops in Russia – shopping for culture, entertainment & more

It is hard for me to get down to write a blog again when such things happen between Russia/Ukraine (“Ukrainian crisis”), but I decided to capture my memories now, when they are still quite vivid and colorfull. This post will be very short and basically treat about interesting shops in Russia. I already showed You my dear readers all traditional and most standard stuff you can buy in Russia. However, there is a variety of other stuff that can be purchased, and it does not have to necessarily be something collecting a dust on your cupboard. Especially people who know Russian language have a lot to pick from, but others may amused too, especially ladies for whom I have some good news : ).

  • Culture, arts, literature and entertainments

I managed to encounter 2 really nice modern “bookshops” in Moscow, where a numerous positions can be interesting to a stranger being in Moscow. What do Russians read? What music they are listening to, what do they watch, what games do they play? What do they think about history, politcs, social life in their country and abroad? What fascinates them at the very moment, what is popular and what do they believe to be important? Visit the shops to penetrate at lest a little part of their minds.



Get inside and see a modern library and media store, buy things from various books and magazines to movies, music albums, stationary, games, household items or accessories.



A huge library, probably the biggest one in Moscow, having few floores, each of which divided to separate topics.  The library is very active in a social and cultural life. One should definitelly check it out!


  • Beauty products

What it really stroke me in Russia, were the prices of cosmetics from foreign brands such as Nivea, L’oreal, Shauma, Garnier etc., which were on average around 40% more expensive than in Poland. I did never expect this to happen and since I did not brought much cosmetics with myself I had to spend quite a lot on these kind of products. Not so much time later I discovered that there is a wide range of extraordinary cheap Russian cosmetics  that can be found mostly at big stores such as Auchan (in Russia Ашан – “Ashan”). What is especially cool, is that they are really good quality and will cost you 1-2 EUR.

I would definitelly recommend brands such as Чистая линия (“Chistaya liniya”)  and Рецепты бабушки Агафьи (“Retsepty babushki Agafi”). These two I tested on my own and they are really good quality – face creams, make up removal stuff, face masks, body gels etc. everything was fine and didn’t cost more than 2 EUR!

A bit more expensive, but also more luxurious brands are Natur Siberica and Organic shop (certified organic products). Both of them will be worth mentioning due to natural ingredients of the products, reasonable prices and really pleasant mixtures. All kinds of beauty products can be found there… A place in my luggage was very limited, but still I managed to take at least few with myslef :- )

Chistaya liniya


Natura Siberica


Organic shop



  • Crafts & fashion

Here I have to admitt that I want to present you a traditional thing – traditional Russian shawls. The reason for that is that not so many people going to Russia know, that shawls they buy in most popular places are actually fakes of beautifull Russian shawls and actually there is far more philosophy and history standing behind this business. There are very few certified Russian factories that sell traditionall Russian shawls. Their design, size and composition of material are strictly set. In my humble opinion it is worth to support this traditional establishment rather than mass China manufacturing.

Shawls from Orenbourg  (English)


Also another thing, but not a mainstram thing, what I would like to present is a shop with wooden and other child-friendly toys. I know that the idea itself may not seem so original, but if you find yourself in delegation and want to bring something really nice to your child it could be a right place to pick something.









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