Mos 9 – Moscow Metro

I already mentioned Moscow metro many many times on my blog as a great mean of transportation around Russian capital. Indeed, even though there are significant disadvantages of this form of transport, it occurs that in this city simply nothing works better.

Metro allows citizens to move around the city fast and easy – and this is really important as the city itself is huge and more than 13 mln people live and commute here everyday… Metro goes every 2 minutes and during the rush hours even once in 40 seconds. At one ticket of cost approximately 1 EUR a person can ride from one end of Moscow to the other and switch lines as many times as needed, as long as they doesn’t leave the underground. Since trafic is really tremendous here (and I mean R E A LL Y), sometimes it is easier to get to the set destination with metro rather than taxi. Also, some of metro stations are very beautifull and possess special charm – what you may see on the photos below.

On the other side, after commuting every day to work for 3 months, I was exhousted phisically and mentally. So many crowded people, everyone pushing you around in corridors, people always unhappy, always in hurry, not paying attention to anything than their narrow world… What’s quite bad for foreigners – all orientation signs, metro station names etc. are in cyrylics, therefore I guess it is very difficult to be a non-Russian speaking/reading individual in Moscow. Below you can find a scheme of metro for English speakers (Source:

Moscow metro (English version)

It is also wort mentioning that Moscow metro is told to be the only one having a circle line (or this is what I heard). What’s not unusual for these kind of transport, metro is closed from 1 o’clock in the night till 5 o’clock in the morning,  and since there is very few nigh buses and trams, night public communication basically doesn’t exist in Moscow. No wonder that taxi services are very popular here, along with… private taxi. Many citizens simply wave at uncoming cars and when one of them stops, negociate the price for a ride. This is something noone is afraid of, even if they are finding themselves in the middle of the night with a total stranger as a driver. Quite awkward, isn’t it?

It is worth to stop for a while and admire some metro stations, which design is really outstanding and quite often possess a certain kind of ideology. Personally, I have a few favourite Moscow metro stations. You are welcome to see how they look below (but I do have to amitt that pictures are a little blurred, well I don’t have the best camera in the world ; )  ). The TOP 5 is:

1. Komsomolskaya

Metro station Komsomolskaya


2. Arbatskaya

Metro station Arbatskaya

3. Novoslabodskaya

Metro station Novoslabodskaya

4. Park Kultury/Bialorusskaya

Metro station Park Kultury

Metro station Bialoruskaya

5. Mayakovskaya/ Kievskaya

Metro station Mayakovskaya

Metro station Kievskaya

Which one is your favourite? : )


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