Mos 7 – Arbat Street (улица Арбат)

The Arbat Street (also known as “old Arbat”, “старый Арбат”) is one of the oldest and most well-known places in Moscow. The first historical sources mentions Arbat in XVth century, as a part of road from Moscow to Smolensk. In XVIIth century, the street became one of the most fashionable places in Moscow, and a very desirable residencial area. Nothing has changed since then, except the fact that in early 1980’s the street became a closed pedestrian area – the first one told to be in the whole Soviet Union. This actually explains why the promenade is sooo long (1,2 km)!

Due to the central localization Arbat is a popular meeting place. Various cafeteria, restaurants and clubs exist here, as well as tourists-oriented shops with souvenirs, postcards, Russian books etc. In the past in the neighbourhood of Arbat Street lived many famous Russian artists, such as A. Pushkin or B. Okudzhava. Monuments commemorating their memory may be found on the street. The latter (B. Okudzhava) wrote a several songs dedicated to Arbat Street, one of which is “Песенка о Арбате” – “The song about Arbat”:

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Among other attractions of Arbat Street, I would like to highlight Vakhtangov Theatre (Театр им. Евгения Вахтангова). I had an ocassion, together with my friends, to attend one of musical performances there, namely “Anna Karenina” by Angelika Holina. The choreography itself didn’t amuse me that much (the performance lasted 3 hours and in my opinion some scenes were way too similar to each other), but the game of actors and especially costiums were astonishing.



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