Mos 6 – Gorky Park (Парк имиени Горкого)

Gorky Park is probably the most famous Russian  leisure park, named after the XXth century writer Maxim Gorky. I guess that the park became recognizable to the broader European public by the song of band Scorpions “Wind of change”, in which the  unknown story teller walks the streets of Moscow and forsees the uncoming political and social changes (the song was written in 1989, at the end of so-called Cold War).

Have you ever known that this song has also its Russian version,  sung by Scorpions? It is called “Ветер перемен”:

Today’s Gorky Park is a popular place of recreation of Moscow citizens and creates an outstandingly friendly area for sport passionates. When strong winter comes, the paths in park are also used as an ice rink!  The entrance is free. To get here one needs to take metro and get off at station “Park Kultury” (at the cross of Sokolnicheskaya/Kalcevaya lines). In the neighbourhood it is possible to admire river Moscow.

Enjoy the gallery!



~ by jumikao on January 11, 2014.

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