Mos 5 – The Izmailovskyi market (Рынок Измайловский)

The Izmailovskyi market (Рынок Измайловский) is the place we planned to spend 1-2 hours to buy souvenirs, as this is the best place to do so is Moscow (my opinion and not only). In the end, we wandered around for at least 4 hours, looking at numerous stands, getting more and more confused with the initial choices and spending money as crazy… This place is simply awesome! : )

I forgot to mention that the uniqueness of this place lies also in the fact that the most of Izmailovskyi market is actually built in the style of an old, wooden settlement and the front buidings are designed to remind a small Kremlin (!).

The Izmailovskyi market

It is impossible to leave Russia without buying at least one matrioshka (Russian wooden toy), and at Izmailovo there are thousands of them, each one of different shape, size, colour, motive, gold “dressing”. This is madness! : D

The Izmailovskyi market - matrishkas & scarfs

Matrioshas are a trademark of Russia,  no surprize then that they are quite expensive souvenirs. They should look like a Russian lady in colorful robe, and contain at least few miniatures inside. The middle sized one with 5 to 10 pieces in total will cost 15-20 EUR and more, depending on the final embellishment. One should take into consideration though that markets in Russia are places when you can bargain and lower the price even by 10-20-30%.

Other souvenirs that are very popular will be for example shawls for ladies with a typical Russian motives, funny and/or real leather assesories such as cap, scarf, gloves, ceramics, black wooden boxes or figures with colorful decorations, Russian “eggs” for jewelery and – last, but not least – all kinds of souvenirs connected with Soviet Union times. And many many more!

I cannot say if all this kind of things are authentic (or they are just said to be and they are produced in China…), but the market has also a part where everyone can come and sell what they want – something like a ‘flea market’. Mostly old grandmas and grandpas can be spotted here as sellers and I bet some rare dimonds can be found here, like real souvenirs from the Soviet times… However, the flea markets have it to yourself that one has to be really patient to dig through tones of “everything” and well here’s the same story.

To get to  Izmailovskyi market one should go to the metro station “Partizanskaya” (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (dark blue) line).  The market will be easilly seen from there. The entrance to the market costs 10 RUB (=1PLN=0,25EUR).


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