Mos 4 – The Tsaritsyno Park (Царицыно)

Small change of the subject: Tsaritsyno (Царицыно) is a park & museum complex located in southern part of Moscow.

The park belonged firstly to the noble princely houses of Russia, such as Godunovs, Streshnevs and Galitzines, until it was bought by empress Catherine the Great in year 1775, who fell in love with its beauty. The empress conducted a number of reconstruction works here, planning to make Tsaritsyno her new residence. Hovewer, due to the sudden death of Catherine the Great in year 1796, the construction works were stopped, and finished only at the begining of XXIst century. Today’s Tsaritsyno still holds a memory of emress Catherina the Great (for instance by maintainig the old name, which means “Tsarina’s”) and is a beautifull, natural park complex filled with unique architectural objects, pavilions, arbours, artificial grottos, gates, bridges and lake.

The easiest way to get to Tsaritsyno is to use Moscow metro (station “Tsaritsyno”, Zamoskvoretskaya line (dark green)). The park can be reached within approximately 10 minutes walk. The entrance is free, only the museum exhibitions need a valid ticket. More information regarding the place can be found on the official website ->


~ by jumikao on January 6, 2014.

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