Mos 3 – The Mocow Kremlin (Московский Кремль)


The Kremlin citadel is definitely one of Moscow most well-known and prestigeous historical monuments, as well as the symbol of power and political independency of Russian Federation. It is also an official residence of the president Vladimir Putin. All political summits take place here along with the Russian parlament deliberations.

First stone buildings appeared on Kremlin approximately in XIVth century and by the end of that age the citadel was already fortified with the stone walls. At the same time Kremlin acquired the status of the main seat of unified Russian nations. As a result of ongoing develpoment, the most magnificent architectural objects of the citadel area were built shortly after, such as the Cathedrals of the Assumption, the Annunciation and the Archangel, and the unique royal residence Russian Terem Palace.

The teritory of Kremlin, which may be visited by tourists is quite limited, and that part consists mainly of various sacral objects, armoury, Great Tower Bell  and the small gardens. Other, such as the Senate Building and the Great Kremlin Palace or towers may be admired only from the distance and any try to come closer will be stopped by the omnimesent police officers.

Below I indicated the map of the Kremlin in the full range*.

The Key Map of Moscow Kremlin

It is also possible to see Kremlin using panoramic views, check out the website to move around and change places: .

The price for the entrance tickets varies according to the range of sightseeing (10EUR -25EUR). At the time me and my friends decided to visit Kremlin, the Great Tower Bell visiting was finished already (available only in spring&summer), and since armoury was not something we necessairly wanted to see, we chose the basic “outdoor” ticket with the additional entrance to the exhibition of Russian imperial insignia (Венчания на царство и коронации в Московском Кремле).  I found a video material from Kremlin Museums video blog presenting the short review on this exposition (Russian language):

I even noticed that some miedieval costumes were actually made from fabric (velour) coming from Gdansk!

Another thing that actually surprised me: Putin has his private areoport on Kremlin as well as the outdoor gym! Check pictures if you don’t believe me!!   : D   : D

To be honest, I expected something far more from the famous Kremlin. The visiting area is quite restricted, the buildings mostly not renovated and rather in a bad state – I thought we will see such objects of such great historical value in much better condition. Still, I cannot imagine the sightseeing of Moscow without visiting the Kremlin and therefore recommend it to everybody as a good proposal for 2-3 hour trip.

*The source: Website Moscow driver, [06-01-2014]


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