Ukr 12 – Lviv (retrospection)

To finish my Ukraininan story I have to mention the stop in Lviv I made on my way back to Poland.

Lviv, compared to other Ukraininan cities I’ve been to, makes a totally different impression. Meeting foreigners on the streets is quite common here, and even though still so little local people speak English, they seem to be more willing to keep foreigners’ company. Also, I would say that the closer to the western boarder of Ukraine it is, the more pro-European attitude may be spotted. Therefore, since Lviv is actually very very close to the European Union countries, thechange of political and social environment is tremendously visible.

Being Polish I cannot stop myself from mentioning that in the past Lviv and its suroundings used to be under Polish jurisdiction and they had a billateral interaction on culture, history&arts of both countries. Enough said that in the city center there is a huge monument of Polish national poet – Adam Mickiewicz. However, this is something that should not necessairly be mentioned outloud, since the residents of the city are not really fond of these times ; ) and the feeling of Ukrainian identity is very strong here. Lviv today is a very colorful, shimmering and cheerfull city,  doing a good busiess on tourism, and yet with the tourist-friendly prices that will allow everyone to try local specialities.

As it comes to my experience here, there were quite a few”first times” I did here:

  • first time staying for a few days at the place with no hot water (ahhh couchsurfing : ) )
  • first time travelling around 42 hours by train (Luhansk-Lviv route)
  • first time had my wallet stollen with all cash, bank cards, ID & other documents
  • first time forgetting my passport from friend’s backpack that had me to visit  a Polish consulate and pay around 150 EUR for a new one that was actually valid for 1 week
  • first time cooperating with the Ukraininan police officers (“milicya”), who wanted more to date me than help me come back to my country ; )
  • first time the police gave me back my lost money for stating the smaller amount testimony (I was forced, ok?)
  • first time missing my return bus to Poland due to the fact that the lady at the station gave me a wrong bus stop address & breathtaking journey on the taxi to catch it

That’s quite a few stories to tell. Well, what will not kill you, will strenghten you, they say ; ).  Anyway, besides that, I guess that I found the city and my stay very enjoyable  ; ).

Unfortunately I kind of lost my photoes from Lviv, but as soon as I find some, I will definitely put them on the blog.


~ by jumikao on January 2, 2014.

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