MOS 1 – Welcome to Moscow, Russia!

My trip to Moscow was not planned at all. It occurred to be a requirement of my new job and not relly something I could say NO to. As a part of Polish delegation I spent nearly 3 months in Russia being trained on Russian accounting specifics. The time after work, however, belonged to me.

I imagined that Moscow, actually, will be a bigger cultural shock for me. Getting to know this new, interesting city was a little easier after I spent some time in Ukraine, which, in many ways, was a preview of similiar eastern specifics. Also, I have to mention that during my stay I managed to see Moscow in both autumn&winter, since the delegation lasted from the beginning of October untill the mid December.

It is a very common mistake to consider Moscow as a typical Russian city and vice versa. Even though I managed to see snapshots only of one  other city (Sankt Petersburg) I have to say life seems to be different in Moscow. The city never sleeps and people seem so distant. They never smile or talk to strangers, they have no problem pushing you hard when you are in the way and they all seem to be so concentrated on themselves… This is the place where most determined individuals come to pursue their ambitions. No place for sentiments.

There are so many places to sightsee and visit in Moscow! Famous buidings, monuments, squares, markets, museums… the list could be much longer. However, I still cannot help the feeling that everything that is so monumental, well-known or simply really worth seeing in Moscow comes from the previous periods of fame of Russian empire/Soviet Union. Today Russia is still an important player on world’s arena, but somehow its glory and prestige seems to fade away…

Take a note that Russia (even taking into account Moscow) is still a highly reserved and self-contained country. It is not easy to be a foreigner here with no knowledge of Russian language or alphabet (cyrylics), as very little number of people can speak the language and there is nearly no signs helping visitors to go around the city.

Anyway – I came back. I survived the Moscow winter with – 20 degrees Celsius and sweltering heat of Moscow metro. Veni, vidi, vici ; ). And you are welcome to go for a ride in past with me : )

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~ by jumikao on January 2, 2014.

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