Ukr9 – Some popular Russian/Ukrainian mainstream music

I would like to share some Russian/Ukrainian music with you now! To be honest I didn’t manage to get familiar with too many kinds of music, as people who I met were mainly interested in mainstream music, which at the moment is mostly of course pop/dance/r&b. I didn’t find by myself anything interesting as well, except from 5nizza that I had knewn before.   This is why I will stick with presenting just few songs everyone in Ukraine would recognise.

The first one and definitely my favourite one this summer was “Liubvi tochka niet” (“любви точка нет”). You can try to check the lyrics below, as I found quite a good translation into English : ). Somehow I really think this is not just an empty pop song, I think it has the potencial to belome a well-known classic that will be remembered longer than for one summer.

Любви точка нет – “There’s no thing called love”

Я отрываю мысли от земли
I’m tearing off the thoughts from the ground
И в памяти моей тебя ласкаю
and I’m caressing you in my memory
И тот пожар,что мы с тобой зажгли
and this fire, which we have lit
Попрежднему в душе моей пылает
burns in my soul, like it used to
И он сжигает всю меня внутри
and it burns down all of me on the inside
И в пепел мое сердце превращает
and turns my heart into ashes
И тот пожар, что мы с тобой зажгли
and this fire, which we have lit
В моей душе никак не угасает
no way will go out from my soul 

Без тебя я просто умираю
Without you, I’m simply dying
Мне любви твоей так не хватает
I miss so much your love
Я сама сведу себя с ума
I’ll drive crazy
В горле кол и слёзы на ресницах
(there’s) a picket in the throat and tears on the eyelashes

Мы друг другу можем только сниться
We can only dream of each other
Я сама сведу себя с ума
I’ll drive crazy

Осень золотая,ран моих не залатает
The golden fall, won’t patch up my wounds
И зима морозами своими напрягает
and the winter along with its frost is straining me
Любви точка нет
Любви нет и точка
Задернуты шторы и выключен свет
Drawn curtains and turned off light
Любви точка нет
И жду я звоночка
and I’m waiting for a phone call
В любовь я не верю
I don’t believe in love
Любви точка нет

Без любви твоей я задыхаюсь
Without your love I’m suffocating
Не могу забыть,как не стараюсь
I can’t forget as if I a’m not trying
Я сама сведу себя с ума
I’ll drive crazy

В сердце боль,а на душе тревога
pain in the heart and anxiety in the soul
Отпусти, прошу я ради Бога
let me go, I’m begging you, for God’s sake
Я сама сведу себя с ума…
I’ll drive crazy


I would basically say that this particular band – “Vremja i stieklo” (“время и стекло“) is a top group and all their singles can be considered as immediate hits. This way, one can also find for example another song of theirs “Sierebrianoje morie” (“Серебряное море”).

The other extremely popular band is “Potan i Nastia” (“Потан и Настия“). They had a typical summer song called “My otmeniaem konec leta” (“Мы отменям К.С.”), but all their compositions are rather simple and perfectly meet the tastes of all. And their looks… makes quite an impression, well you can see it below ; ).

Another author, “Zveri” (“Звери“), specializes in nice-to-ear, guitar songs with a male vocal. I would say that they are a little dreamy, but positive, I bet he has loads of teenage female fans ; ).

Last but not least, this band is extremely popular, especially in Russia, and not less controvercial. They are called “Quest Pistols” and their debut song “Ja twoj narkotik” (“Я твой наркотик”) made them stars immediately. Their newest song “Ty tak krasiva” (“Ты так красива”) is much calmer, but still managed to acquire a status of the hit.

As one can see for oneself, the similarities between the popular music in Ukraine and other Eurean countries are very easy to spot. We can find very similar bands in each and every country. Main trends in popular music are not changing and there are different bands fulfilling certain roles and needs that stay the same. Of course, western music hits are as popular as elsewhere. But there is one major direction in their domestic music market: it easilly gets overflooded with Russian artists and bands; nearly all of them which succeded in Russia will instantly make it in Ukraine as well. If you are interested to find more Russian/Ukrainian music, follow MTV Russian website (


~ by jumikao on October 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ukr9 – Some popular Russian/Ukrainian mainstream music”

  1. Время и Стекло – cool redhead girl and guy looking like hollywood movie star (young Mick Jagger? Cillian Murphy? I can’t link the face with the name!). It may be a hit at some polish fire-station events 😀 No offence to fans.

    I really like the girl.

    Звери – if he had had a band, it could be ukrainian The Kooks. Sounds quite similar, but less, eeh, rock? 😛

    Quest Pistols – bleh, slush!

  2. and

    ? ;>

  3. Yes, as for the “Vremja i stieklo” they are both young and beautiful, no wonder they are so popular. They – compared to the rest of bands whose songs I put here – have really nice videos too, pro I would say.
    Like, for ex. this one:
    P.S. I don’t know who the guy takes after, but he’s definitely hot ; ).

  4. As a fan of “Potan i Nastia” (“Потан и Настия“) must a little correct you —“Potap and Nastia”( find a difference))!) -

  5. ok thanks for spotting the mistake! ; )

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