Ukr5 – Friends

Since the last post was long and complicated , I’ve decided to make this one simle and easy. I just want to introduce some of people who I’ve met during the internship : ).

First, the other interns. Good buddies : ). Nicole and Crystal were already there when I came. I wish we could have spent more time together, I forsee it’d be extremely interesting ; ).

Nicole from Porto Rico

Crystal from Malasia

The next day after my arrival we would greet Czech people : ). Very optimistic and cheerful, great sports people. Similar minds to mine, we had so much fun together in Crimea : )

Monika, Czech Republic

Jarda (Jaroslav), Czech Repulic

Soon after, we would meet people who were already in the camps when we came. : ) Haha our first meeting was so funny, when they “escaped” from the camp for a weekend : D.

James, South Corea

Fatima, Indonesia

Irina, Moldova

Later next interns would come as for some short time everyone could be together. It was happy and hard time, since we had 4 normal sleeping places and up to 12 people staying at home at that time… but it was fun anyway.

Nisa, Indonesia (on the right)

Weber, Taiwan

Lee, China

Maxim, Kazachstan

The only small disappointment I had was that actually I thought that we would go to the camp alltogether, or at least in the groups of 5-6 people. I know that nobody directly said that, but still I was imagining how much fun would it be together. Sometimes it would be hard to keep in touch with everyone, since people were going and coming back from camps in different days. But anyway, it was cool to meet them : ).

My stay in Luhansk would not be the same without some other people I’ve met there, locals, mainly AIESECers – great people, open-minded, interesting, full of live. Extremely helpful if that was needed. It’s so much easier when somebody can show you around,  give useful advice, but most of all show some heart to poor foreigners, who tend to get lost and have so much other troublesome adventures, haha, me in the first place ; ). Greet them warmly! ; )



Pasha (Pavel)

Jarek (Yaroslav)


Below some pictures of us hanging out together : ).


   I still smile thinking of some of these moments : ).


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