How to go around the blog

Now I’m going to state some obvious things, well just in case they may prove to be obvious only for me ; ).

  • When you enter the blog you go directly to the front page, where you can find everything in the chronological order of publishing, with the most recent updates on the top;
  • On the right hand side you may find buttons like “Recent posts” or “Archieves” – they can help you go around the published stuff taking into account how old notes are. The other option is choosing the post using the cathegories. Just go to “My stories” and clik at one of them (for now the cathegories are “Ukraine” and “Useful information”). You will see all posts belonging to this cathegory, so the next step will be clicking at the one you want to view;
  • If you already have chosen the post you wanted to, look at the page carefully. Here goes advice regarding pictures : ). As somebody’ve  noticed, photos are rather small and at the first glance it’s impossible to tell what they are refering to. If you click at any of them, you can watch it in full size (also in a separate window if you want). And if you just point at one and hold there a cursor for a while, you will see short description of what are you exactly looking at.
  • Easy, isn’t it?



~ by jumikao on August 28, 2011.

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