UKR1 – So what’s the plan for 2011? Ukraine, baby!

The plan was easy.

1) I wanted to go abroad, to an Eastern country, but Russian speaking at the same time,

2) I wanted to stay there long enough to improve my language skills,

3) I wanted somebody to pay for my food and accommodation (hey, remember I’m just a poor student! XD),

4) I wanted to rest actively,  to explore, to have the real summer vacations!

Long before choosing the suitable country I decided to use an AIESEC internship programme for it, but to be honest my main goal was to get into Russia. I hadn’t got any reply from AIESEC Russia in the time needed though, so I accepted the other offer I had – Lugansk was close enough to the border to guarantee me an opportunity to speak Russian and – at least by the quick look on Wikipedia – seemed big and interesting. I liked the JD – working as a teacher during children camps seemed to be quite ok as for the summer; provided an opportunity to connect with the local environment, was giving some kind of scheadule, but flexible enough so as not to get bored. And there was also this wonderful invitation letter with a promise of so much more… Later reality ocurred to be much different from expectations, as usual, but the decision was made and the only possible thing to do was making most of it. So… I did it : ).

Organizational and communication problems in my project resulted in me spending only 2 out of 6-8 weeks I was promised to spend on the kids’ camp. For the rest of the time I was just living in the interns’ flat in Lugansk or travelling, which was a lovely time, but had one huge flaw – staying outside of the camp meant that I needed to pay for all my own expenses, including food, which was eating my budget day by day. As this was not how it was supposed to be and nobody was eager to give me any exact answer about the possibility of going to another camp in the nearest future, I decided to implement my travelling plan sooner than I initially wanted.

All in all, what I managed to see in Ukraine during these 1,5 months was:

Kiev (1day),

Donieck (1day),

Crimea (5days),

Odessa (2days),

Lviv (4days),

Starobielsk and its neighbourhood (11 days during may stay in camp “Sosnowyj”),

Lugansk (the majorityof time).

Let’s get back to the beginning of July though : )!


~ by jumikao on August 21, 2011.

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