What you should know before you decide to enter… ;)

… is that reading my blog is like choosing between a blue and a red pill in Matrix, world will never be the same again!   ; ))

Let me put it in different way.  I really hope I can influence you in some way. Writing for writing is just pointless, isn’t it? I like to travel and I like to think. Maybe some of my journeys, experiences, thoughts and dreams (these realised or not) can be part of you, too. And if I could inspire just one person to make a change into their life, it would be the biggest compliment of all.

As I already mentioned, I really like to travel. Every trip brings something new and fresh. It helps me to rethink a lot of matters and very often is leading to changes in my life. New challenges, new possibilities, but most of all, new people. How they say, the more, the better (kisses to all my old friends here, heyyy! I remember about you every single hour of my life : ) ).  I mean,  a good encounter is the best adventure possible.  I wrote about an inspiration a while ago, an inspiration I could be to somebody. I’m not  self-centred, I just find other people highly inspiring to me; their knowledge, experience, courage – it all makes me believe I can do much more.

: )

Every comment will be welcome. If you agree, disagree, want to discuss something, have spotted a mistake (about grammar ones please write in private ; P) – leave a message. Enjoy!


~ by jumikao on August 20, 2011.

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